what does tresha mean in new york slang

tresha is the word for “lucky”. It’s a word that is often used in a positive way. It can also be used to describe a lucky person, place, or thing.

A person who is lucky. It is a word used a lot in New York city slang.

When I think of New York City slang, I think of people like tresha, tresha karate, and tresha in a taxi. If you’re in New York City, you can probably find some of these phrases at the bottom of the subway map, right next to the stop sign.

tresha karate is a type of karate that is very similar to tresha, but it is a more deadly fighting style. It has been known for its use in the New York area since the early 1960s. Tresha is a word that can be used to describe someone who is very lucky or very lucky.

tresha is also a form of luck. In fact, in New York, tresha means to be extremely lucky. So if youre a tresha, youre very lucky. And that, of course, is why tresha karate is a thing.

tresha karate is an intense form of karate that is considered lethal, with its practitioners being given the right to kill a person in self-defense. Many tresha karate clubs have been set up in the city, but it is generally considered safer to practice tresha karate in your own home.

Tresha is a very aggressive form of karate, with its practitioners often having to be physically strong to survive. Also, tresha karate is considered lethal to individuals, and to groups (which is why it is generally considered the most aggressive form of karate). These facts are often used to show that tresha karate is a form of self-defense (which it is in some cases), but its survival value is not often emphasized.

The same goes for tresha karate. It’s an aggressive form of karate that uses aggression to overcome or defend against overwhelming odds. While it can be used to defend against overwhelming odds, it is usually preferred to use it to overcome or defend against overwhelming odds, and is more effective than attacking someone with a stick.

This is why people who have been kicked in the head will often use tresha karate. This is because it can be very effective and effective when used in self-defense or as a kind of self-defense, but is not often used on its own. And as such, the phrase “tresha-karate” is often used to show the kind of self-defense that is being used.

But tresha-karate is also frequently used to show self-defense, and is not necessarily effective when used in a self-defense situation, either. It can be used to defend against an opponent who is being attacked with a stick, but it can also be used when defending against a person who is being attacked with a sword.

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