travel hindi songs

One of my favorite travel songs is “Hindi Mein” by R.S. Sharma. The song is about a traveler going to a city and discovering how different the culture, food, and people there are. The only way it ends, though, is with a song that asks the traveler to “take his travel experience to the next level” by visiting a “lonely city”.

I guess you could say that my first travel experience outside of India was in a city like that. That’s definitely something you can tell from the song. What I’m talking about here is that I was traveling solo on a bus to one of my favorite cities on the planet. It was one of the most beautiful, exciting, and exhilarating days I’ve ever been on. But when I tried listening to the song again, it wasn’t nearly as exhilarating or exciting.

The song is a really good example of travel hindi songs. But the problem is that the song isnt really about traveling alone, it is about traveling with your friends. The song makes a point, but its the point I didnt even really get. I guess I was just not listening to the song carefully enough, because the song isnt really about what you are going to do in the future, its just about what you are going to do right now.

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