legal drinking age in iceland

I am not a big fan of legal drinking age in Iceland. The fact is, we are drinking so much that they have become the norm, rather than the exception, and that is just wrong. Iceland’s legal drinking age is the age that they have it, and no one in Iceland is under the legal drinking age.

This is not an issue only because it’s legal. Icelanders don’t drink before noon and they drink all day. So this is a problem because it’s basically the norm, rather than the exception, and it’s not fair to put them in that position.

Well, since iceland is a very big and very small island, the legal drinking age is pretty much the same on the whole island. Even if its a few days on one end of the island, it is the norm on the whole island. That kind of makes it pretty much fair to put iceland in the middle of the pack.

The other problem is that because the legal drinking age is the same on the whole island, it’s unlikely that anyone really wants to drink for the entire day. The only people who might be up for it are those who want to party for the entire day. Because, in any case, it’s not really something that can be turned down or taken lightly.

The drinking age is not the problem here. The problem is that it’s the law, and if a lot of people are drinking, the law is going to be enforced and a lot of alcohol is going to be sold.

That is of course the whole point, and I won’t argue that point. A lot of alcohol is sold in Iceland, so the problem is not the drinking, it’s the selling. And that doesn’t even get into the fact that many Icelanders don’t realize that the law is being enforced. When you look at the way the law is enforced, it’s always about protecting people from being arrested, for instance.

The law is already enforced, so the issue is not just the drinking. It is the selling and the enforcement. But the law does not protect you from being arrested. It only protects you from being drunk.

In Iceland, the legal drinking age is 18, but it is enforced differently. There are two ways to get a drink, at least in the state of Iceland. You can be 18 and purchase it, or you can be under 21, and buy it. In the latter case, police will stop and arrest you. But as of now, when you go to buy a drink, you can get a ticket and then maybe be arrested for the night, or not.

I have been to many countries and cities throughout the world, and I have never seen a place where the legal drinking age is 18.

That makes me very curious.

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