gonzales flea market

I have never been to a flea market. Not that I don’t want to, but I’ve never been to one that was a flea market. I have been to a few online, but they were pretty far from the real thing. I’ve got a friend who is a licensed real estate agent. He went back to his hometown for the summer. He told me about his summer trip, and he also told me about a flea market in town.

I think it’s pretty cool. I do like the guy. I think we should go back to his hometown and visit some flea markets, especially if he lives in the area.

I have visited the flea market in my hometown. I have it to myself, as I live in a small town. It’s the only time I have. I like it. It’s cool to just be able to shop for things you like without having to go to the store. You can get all sorts of things you wouldn’t normally find in a store, and you can have a good time.

the flea market in town is a great place to go if you don’t know what you’re looking for or just want to be surprised. It is a good alternative to buying something in the store and not knowing what you are getting. It is also a great place to see local artists and stuff that is only at flea markets.

I’m not even sure if I love it. I think it’s a really cool concept and I like the fact that it is on the mall. I really like the idea that you can go in and see what you can buy if you dont know what you want, and that its not just a big-box store. I also think its a cool idea that its on the mall. I dont know.

I think it’s a cool idea. I think it’s great to see people in the mall doing interesting things. The mall used to be pretty boring, as a lot of it was just going to be a bunch of generic stores. But now it is really cool, especially in the winter. I guess if you have an internet connection you can still get in there. I dont know, I really like it, but I think it has a lot of potential as a mall.

But even if it is a good idea, there’s no denying that the mall is not the best place to find cool stuff. But geez, the flea market? I think that the flea market is so cool I’m totally going to go next year.

Geez. This is the first time I ever thought of the flea market as awesome. I mean, really. It is. I dont know if I would go all out with that many people though. It would be a lot of fun.

I don’t know if you can go in there, but the flea market has some of the best street art I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to a flea market. I’m just saying.

The flea market is a fun place to explore if you can get a good spot. The flea market has a wide variety of goods ranging from clothing to electronics, but the most popular item is the giant, fluffy, red, multi-paged teddy bear. I can’t wait to get there and find out what all the hype is about.

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