enjoying the ride quotes

The truth is that life is all about enjoying the ride. I love the quote about “you are what you eat.” The quote was originally written by a young child and later expanded to include the quote in the famous “three levels of self-awareness” quote. The three levels of self-awareness are “in the moment,” “in the present,” and “out of the moment.

You’re on a rollercoaster, and you’re not even aware you’re on a rollercoaster. You’re just enjoying the ride.

We are on a rollercoaster, and we don’t know that we are on a rollercoaster. We don’t know who has the power to make this ride go down or what we’re going to be doing when we get off this ride. We don’t know what our destination is going to be or how we’re going to get there.

In the moment, we don’t know whether we’ll be in a car, a hot-tub, or a hammock. We don’t know whether we’re going to be on a ship or a rocket ship. We don’t know whether we’ll be in space or on the moon. We don’t know for certain what we’re going to do when we get off the rollercoaster.

If we are on the rollercoaster, we are on a ride. It’s a ride. It’s a ride to somewhere that we dont know for sure. Because if we dont know our destination, then we can’t really be sure we are going to get it.

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