do you tip in portugal

Yes, I do. It is true that in Portugal, every time you tip a waiter, the person receiving the service will tip back to you. But, not only that, they will also ask you for a tip. And, if you are traveling in Portugal, your tip will also be a tip.

The same goes for tipping in Portugal. The country is one of the few places in the world where you can tip the waitstaff directly, rather than asking them to wait on your behalf. In a way, doing so means that your tip goes way beyond the simple transaction of service. The tip is a thank-you to the waiter that you’ve waited on someone well. And, if you’re traveling in Portugal, it is a tip as well.

If you are traveling in Portugal as a guest of a friend, all you have to do is ask for a tip. The tip is a thank-you for having waited on you. It is a tip because the guy who made you wait on him is a great guy.

So if I were to tip a waiter, I would be thanking him because he is helping me in some way, whether it was simply to wait on me or serve me a better meal, no matter what it was. The tip is a thank-you for having waited on me.

Of course the tip, as opposed to a tip jar, makes no difference when you are in Portugal. If you are in Portugal as a guest of a friend it is still a tip. I also tip a lady who does not speak, and I do it to the lady who does not speak because it is a special way of thanking her for being polite. Also, it is good manners in Portugal to give a tip to a lady who does not know how to use a fork or a spoon.

Portugal is also known as the “tip-giving country,” which is why you tip a lady who does not speak so you can thank her for being polite. In Portugal, it is also good manners to give a tip to a lady who does not know how to use a fork or a spoon. Portugal is also known for its culture of tipping.

We’ve actually had a few people tip us in Portugal, but this one we’ve actually had to ask. Our waiter is Portuguese and has a wonderful and very generous way of tipping. He always asks for your order in Portuguese, and he always makes us a nice tip. It is even a good way to thank the waiter for his service.

It is a great thing to do, but its not always appreciated. I have even had people insult us by calling us “Portuguese sluts.” Thats not true. We actually make fun of them because the waiter has a very thick accent. Ive even had the waiter get into a little bit of a fight at one of our weddings. Its not so bad in the end, but its not so nice in the beginning.

The waiter was a nice guy, and he didn’t deserve that. If you are going to ask for a tip, you should always do it in Portuguese. It is a language that requires a lot of speaking. People will sometimes treat you like you are a complete idiot when you are just doing it wrong.

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