best things to do in curacao

When you are in Curacao, the country’s second most popular island, there are many great things to do.

The capital city of Curacao has a number of great things to do, but the two biggest are the beaches of Playa Banten and The Spa. Both of these are located in a beautiful location on the island and are full of great things to do.

Curacao has a great number of beaches, but the main ones are Playa Banten and The Spa. The Spa is located in the center of the island, while Playa Banten is located on the south side, with the island being divided in half with the north side being the beach and the south being the forested area.

The two best things to do in Curacao are Playa Banten and The Spa. Playa is located on the northern side of the island, with the north being the beach and the south being the forested area. You can see the beach from the mainland which is about a 10 minute walk from the spa. The only downside to Playa is its proximity to the airport, but the spa is only a 10-minute walk away so it’s not too bad.

The Spa is a five-star hotel and has free access to the beach and a golf course. It’s actually a very nice place with a beautiful view of the sea. But I have to say, the area around the spa is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been. Every day you can walk around the beach and see nothing but palm trees, the ocean, and the sun setting into the water.

The only people who complain about the area around the spa are the locals. Although the spa is the only part of the town that is not a part of a larger resort, it is also the least touristy of the areas in the resort. As a result, locals will go to the spa for the free massages, the free sunbaths, and the free food.

It is also known for the best food and drinks, and the best drinks are usually served to the locals, so it is no wonder that the locals love to spend their money here. The pool is particularly peaceful. The only thing that keeps me from swimming in the pool is a small group of people who constantly yell “Stop!” and “Shut up!” at those who are enjoying the pool. When they do, the noise is deafening.

The most annoying part is the people who are always yelling at you for not having a tan. I mean, it sounds like a good idea, but it just doesn’t work if you don’t have the right skin color. And it’s not as if they’ll just stop yelling right away. It takes time. But it’s not all bad, as there are many beaches just a few minutes away from the pool.

I mean, I like the beach, but there are a few places where I’d rather be. The beach is nice, and you can go to the pool if you want, but there are a couple of places in Curacao that are more beautiful than a lot of beaches. For one, the sea is calm and clear, and the water is warm, and the people are pretty, too.

I love beach. I love the sea. I love the people. It’s a paradise. And the people know it. For one, the beaches are always changing. Every year there are more nude beaches, and there are more nude beaches every year. We all know of people who have had sex on a beach, and it’s not a crime. The police won’t take them to jail, and they won’t report them.

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